Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Behind the scenes at Nica Play's Video day out!

Behind the scenes at Nica Play's video shoot. We took a stroll with our bike (and film crew) into Chiswick high street and came across a beautiful quaint book store. No.183 was the perfect back drop to shoot our Nica Play video.
Inside the book store was like stepping into another world...
A life time's worth of reading was piled high in this little book store. It was though we had stepped into a shop along Diagon Alley, expecting to see Harry Potter and friend's buying spell books and wands...

Back outside Nica was creating her own fantasy land with Nica Play's new collection. A sense of charm and relaxed sunny days endulging in picnics in the park, a ride on your bike and loosing yourself in a book.

It is important to get the right lighting for both video and photography, to highlight features and capture the essence of the story.

The team checking the play back on the hand held camera.

Walking away into the distance captures the last scene of the day...

Our gorgeous model Catherine showing off Nica Play's across body satchel in choc print and the large shoulder bag in the pretty pink print.

The print is made up of leaf and bird images all designed by different shaded dots! Each Nica Play bag is coated allowing the bags to be washed and wiped easily, perfect for pincnics in the park, muddy festivals and they have no fear of children's sticky fingers!

Stay tuned for the video coming soon!

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