Friday, 12 July 2013

Cult of Cut Out - Digital Laser Cutting

For the latest of issue of Art Nouveau, it was all about intricate details and great craftsmanship. Those elaborate details have intrigued me to develop my design with new technique: digital laser cutting. This amazing skill always ensures my work remain organic and quirky at the same time.

Land In Between (2012) by Ane Domaas with Cathrine Kullberg

Laser cutting has been used to cut out precise patterns initially in metal, plastic and wood, yet nowadays it can be performed in any other material we can imagine. Laser cutting technology has become increasingly popular in recent years; this has prompted an exceptional reaction, particularly within the fashion industry.

Textile designer Ensuk Hur’s work pushes the boundaries of fashion and design by exploring different approaches with unexpected textiles and materials, including felt. She uses beautifully intricate laser-cut natural wool felt to develop stunning new creations. 

Laser cutting fabric by Ensuk Hur, 2010

Laser cutters might be currently one of the most beloved (and widely adopted) digital technologies in the fashion world. The elaborate details created by laser cutting make new levels of seduction and beauty possible.

Beautiful laser cut detail by Marchesa, SS2010

Technology imitates nature. – Aristotle

Engineered Laser cut lace, 2013 by Mary O’ Malley

The relentless drive towards new innovation has led to continuous confrontations between nature and technology. Edgy yet sophisticated, laser-cut details are usually inspired by nature and organic forms and applied to a diverse range of fabrics from chiffon to leather. Designers use this technique to demonstrate timeless elegance and sophistication by cutting, layering, and sculpting textiles into creative forms. 

Sculpted textile made by laser cutting fabric stack,
Lilly Heine, 2010, Central Saint Martins M.A. Fashion Show

Black laser cut metal sunglasses by Kokon To Zai (KTZ) SS 2013
Engineered Laser Cut Lace by Valentino / Spring 2012 RTW

Laser cut is a bit of buzzword amongst many fashion retailers with the accurate fine cuts and much higher quality of finish. Each bit of work has its own story to tell and displays the inner beauty of designer. Hope you to enjoy this wonderful movement which has inspired some ofour SS 2013 collection of the Nica bag!

Love, Nica Kim xxx

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