Thursday, 8 August 2013

Festival Fashion History: How to Inspire Your Next Outfit

Nobody can deny that there’s an integral link between fashion and music, and over the years as musical tastes have changed, fashion trends have also followed suit. So, as you can imagine, the music festivals that we flock to each summer have also changed over the years.

For instance, nothing screams Hippie culture more than Woodstock 1969! The feel was relaxed and liberated, and the fashion choices similarly so.

But if we flash forward to the Eighties and look at the fashion choices at the iconic Live Aid concert, the stark contrast is evident. A more androgynous vibe prevailed amongst the women, with artists like Madonna performing in masculine inspired power jackets. Just look at that trend setting print upon her jeans too! 

Despite the often muddy locations, choosing your festival outfit isn't all about being practical either, it’s a chance to be as creative, or rather, as eccentric as you fancy. 

The general fashion feel of a festival may be different from one decade to the next, but elements from the different eras still appear at today's festivals. Who hasn't bought a Hippie style fringed handbag for a festival, right? 

Actress Sienna Miller's festival style is a prime example of this, as she's often seen channelling that Boho chic vibe, - just as she did at Glastonbury earlier this year. 

Source: Metro

Festival season is in full swing, and we still have V Festival and Bestival to look forward to in the forthcoming weeks, which means that we've still got outfits to plan! Looking back through festival fashion history is definitely inspiring, but if all else fails, we know that we can always opt for that faithful Boho look! 

And nothing completes a Boho inspired outfit better than a fitting handbag, so if you're looking for the perfect piece, then, why not be inspired by Nica's latest Marnie collection?

The owl themed Camera bag or Acrossbody would make the perfect companion to take along to your next festival. 

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