Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#NicaTravels: Nica Kim Soaks up the Minimal Style of Copenhagen

Last week I jetted away from rainy London to the beautiful Copenhagen to derive a little design inspiration, as you've guessed it, I'm already planning a new season collection! 

Copenhagen is renowned for its cool minimalistic aesthetic, so I thought that there’d be no better of a location to hit than Denmark’s stylish capital to soak up some of its Scandi-cool influences. This time around my denim Ava grab was my travel companion of choice.

Thanks to its clean, simple lines Danish architecture boasts a classic appeal that never seems to go out of style, and for me, simply admiring the architecture in different countries triggers the design process.

It was also really interesting to see that Copenhagen’s cityscape is made up of by 4-6 story high buildings rather than the glass skyscrapers which dominate most other capital’s. That’s definitely not to say that it’s lacking in contemporary architecture, though.  

If you love seafood, then Copenhagen is the place for you. It was actually founded thanks to the abundance of fish that the ├śresund provides, and you can enjoy its fresh local produce all over Copenhagen, from Michelin star restaurants to quick street food eats.

Opportunities to shop are a plenty too. Not only did I hit the many Danish clothing boutiques but I also seized the opportunity to check out the homeware shops, as goods in these kinds of places are often the most inspiring for my own designs. 

The Danish seem to have such a relaxed way of life that I think London could learn a lot from, and who doesn’t like a country that values enjoying life so much. This ice cream van definitely twisted my arm into having one.

Where have you been travelling with your Nica handbags lately? Don’t forget to tag your photos with #MyNica @nicahandbags on Instagram as I’d love to see.

Love Nica Kim
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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#NicaTalks: A Look-Back at Nica Kim's Twitter Q&A

Our designer Nica Kim always loves sharing her design inspiration with you and she recently took her love for it that one step further by taking part in her first ever #NicaTalks Twitter Q&A.

As she sat down for her afternoon tea, she welcomed your questions about her inspirations and career, and it was also the perfect opportunity to show off her beautiful new collection. 

‏@Mercyeee : How do come up with the concepts for your bags?

Nica Kim: I want to build excitement with each bag I design that fits into the brand image and range.

@LoveYourTresses: Would u have still pursued hand bag designing if u hadn't won the competition that brought your gift 2 light?

Nica Kim:
I had planned to set up in the ceramic industry using my own prints - I had never planned for handbag design. 

@LilliwhiteroseFlamingoes are my fave!

Nica Kim: Summer is so reminiscent of palm trees. The Flamingo is beautiful, elegant and exciting.

‏@villou : What should we expect in the future in terms of brand development?

Nica Kim: My aim is for Nica to be lifestyle brand using my prints. I love stationary & homeware so this could be an exciting move.  

@Lilliwhiterose : When making bags for women what is one of the most important key features you keep in mind?

Nica Kim: Texture is a key word for Nica. Tweed is my favourite material as I the texture can bring the bag to life.

Nica Kim: I also love incorporating prints and colours to create bold and dynamic designs.

If you’re sad that you’ve missed the first ever #NicaTalks, worry not as we’re planning to have plenty more! Plus, you can still drop us your questions at @Nica_Handbags on Twitter with #NicaTalks and we’ll get back to you asap! 

Friday, 17 July 2015

#CarryMeAway: The Nica Team Share their Favourite Holiday Pics

If like us you’re in the midst of planning your summer holidays, then you’ll be in need of some major wanderlust. So this week we've turned to the Nica team to share their favourite past travel adventures. From exotic India to sunny California, get ready to be inspired!

Nikki McBride, Graphic Designer

One of my favourite ever holidays was when I got the opportunity to travel around India one summer. There are so many beautiful sites to see from grand forts to awe-inspiring temples, and seeing the Taj Mahal mausoleum with my own eyes easily falls within my favourite ever travel memories. My top tip however is to visit it at sunrise when it’s less busy, and of course this time of day also makes for the most beautiful of photos.

When you tire of the sightseeing, then you have to immerse yourself in the local cuisine. Street food markets are de rigeur and sampling an authentic Bhelpuri comes second to none.

Iva Suchankova, International Sales Manager

If you get the chance to evoke upon an exotic holiday this summer, then make it South East Asia. As part of my job I’m always travelling, so when it comes to choosing a holiday destination, it takes a while to select where I should go. Japan is however one of my favourite places in the world and I’ve been lucky enough to visit several different areas many times.

If you’re heading there this summer, my tip is to head to Tokyo and experience its diverse fashion scene with the Harajuku district and its electric fashion trends being an absolute must. Or wait until Spring when Japan turns pink with beautiful cherry blossoms, and no matter the time of year, there are always a million delicious sushi restaurants to enjoy. 

Rakhi Popat, Senior Product Manager

Last summer, I got the opportunity to visit sunny California with a group of friends. We rented a car to optimise our exploring, but there’s always ├╝ber for those who don’t fancy braving the roads alone. We headed to LA to do a little celeb spotting and hit the fancy boutiques, then over to San Francisco to experience a totally different feel. 

For anybody who loves a festival, there are plenty to choose from but just ensure that you book well in advance in order to avoid any disappointment. We never got the chance to attend one but it’s on our bucket list for next time. 

We hope you're enjoying our summer #CarryMeAway on an adventure series. Why not share your favourite past holiday pics with us @NicaHandbags #CarryMeAway on Instagram? We can’t wait to be inspired. 

Friday, 10 July 2015

#CarryMeAway: On an Adventure

Not another weekend lazing around doing not very much at all! To kick off our Carry Me Away summer campaign, this month we want to inspire you to get carried away on an adventure. From indoor skydiving to swinging through the treetops, we've come up with some simple, short micro-adventures that will fit into a weekend and won’t break the bank!

                                                                     Zip it up
The Pier Zip in Bournemouth flies riders over 80ft above sparkling seas against a backdrop of seven miles of golden sand. Anyone wanting to uncover an outdoor activity that’s daring and a bit different this summer will find it in Bournemouth with the world’s first pier-to-shore zip wire! The Pier Zip even features two lines so that riders can race family and friends down to the beach. Pier Zip is part of an all-weather adventure holidays attraction called RockReef, which features indoor climbing walls and a highline aerial obstacle course. 
Be a Hillbilly

If you’re after adrenaline-filled, high-octane fun then the Henley Hillbillies in the heart of the Dorset countryside is the place for you. Based on a 180-acre family farm, you can whizz around the beautiful scenery on quad bikes, off-road minis and even hovercrafts. If fast-paced off-roading is not your thing then try your eye with archery, crossbows, air rifles and clay-pigeon shooting. 

Ice and a Slice

If you work in London within ten minutes of leaving your desk, you can be assailing an eight-metre wall of ice. The Ellis Brigham Vertical Chill ice wall in Covent Garden is basically a massive freezer where a fan blows icy air down your neck to complete that mountainside feeling. Don’t think you have to be an adventure sport keen-o to enjoy the experience; the hour long one-to-one session is enough time to learn all the skills. It's physically demanding but when you reach the summit and ring the cowbell it will leave you with a grin that will last all afternoon. The Manchester store has just opened one too. 

Monkey Magic

Enjoy one of the UK’s most thrilling outdoor activities at the original Go Ape! in Thetford Forest. Explore the forest from high up on a Tree Top Adventure – swing through the trees, zoom down zip wires and brave an obstacle course set metres up in the sky, all whilst enjoying the amazing views of one of Suffolk’s amazing natural environments. 

Back to Nature


To get away from city life, stay in a yurt at Graig Wen in north Wales, situated in Snowdonia's national park. Borrow bikes from the site, cycle the length of the estuary and watch fish swimming, birds flying and beautiful reflections in the water. From there, cycle across Barmouth bridge and tuck into fish and chips on the sandy beach below. And if you’re still up for more adventure after a night under the stars, the nearby Cadair Idris mountain is a great climb. 

Where are you taking your Nica bags on an adventure to this summer? Tag your pics with #MyNica @nicahandbags as we’d love to see. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

#NicaTravels: Nica Heads to Sardinia with the Laila Tote

As designing another new season collection came to an end, I seized the opportunity to grab a week’s holiday in the beautiful Sardinina, the second largest island in the Mediterranean sea which of course belongs to Italy. 

I rented a picturesque cottage amidst the backdrop of glorious blooms that was just a stone’s throw away from the clear waters of the sea and its pebbly beach. A selfie in such a beautiful location is always a must!  

Even though relaxation was the main thing on my holiday agenda, I can’t help but use the occasion to soak up a little more design inspiration for future collections. Especially when I'm surrounded by the beautiful countryside and rural Italian architecture. Even the crazy paving of the floor caught my eye.     

The perk of being a handbag designer is that you’re never without a new bag. My wardrobes may be overflowing with handbags and purses but at least I’m always spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect travel companion.

This time around, I opted for my gorgeous new season statement boho tote, Laila. It’s finished with a blue frame design that was inspired by some tiling that I found upon a Greek getaway last year, which wouldn’t at all look out of place in Sardinia either.

The Laila tote is made from synthetic material which means that it also makes just a great of a beach buddy as it does a shopping companion. My beach bag essentials always include a sketch pad and watercolours as there’s nothing more relaxing than painting the beautiful surrounding scenery as you’re lay upon the beach.

Where are you taking your #MyNica bags on holiday this year? Drop me a comment below or tweet me @Nica_Handbags as I’m always looking for new travel inspiration – who knows, maybe your suggestions will inspire my next collection.   

Nica Kim 
- x -