Wednesday, 31 December 2014

How to Hit the January Sales like a Pro

For lots of us, the January sales are a big deal with many even pitching up outside of their favourite stores the night before to ensure that they snap up the best of bargains. If this story is all too familiar for you, then don't make the mistake of queueing up at 5am, shop savvy and follow our rules to prevent buyers’ regret!

1) Shop Online

Now, of course we’re firm advocates of shopping online but it really is the winning idea because you beat the stressful crowds and don't have to queue up outside in the freezing cold at silly O’ Clock -when you’re still recovering from your festive food and drink binge!

If you shop online, it also means that you can go straight for the items that you already have in mind without getting distracted by other deals scattered around the shelves. Plus, being online also gives you the added option of checking out comparison sites to hunt down the best of deals. 

2) Be in the Know

Sign up for the emails of your favourite brands and follow them on social media to be amongst the first to find out about when their sales launch, which also means you’ll be the first to snap up the very best deals. At least if you're planning on joining the street queues you'll get the right day, and being amongst the first does mean you can get in and find the best deals!

3) Don’t Impulse Buy 

It’s easy to get carried away when you know that you’re getting a bargain, but will you really wear that luminous bob hat?! Probably not, so shop a little more savvy and walk away from the stuff that you’re never going to wear, even if it’s only a few pounds! 

If you're ready to sale shop, discover our end of season sale here, and if you snap up a Nica bargain, why not take a picture and tag us @nicahandbags on Instagram as we'd love to see what you've been buying. 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

New Year's Eve Crafty Décor Inspiration

If you’re sick of seeing your Christmas decorations by now, you don’t have to spend a fortune decking out your home just for your New Year’s Eve party as you can get crafty and make some of your own for a fraction of the price. So, with everybody’s expectations soaring, let us help you to make the perfect decorations. 

All That Glitters
Image Source 

If you can’t go crazy with the glitter at New Years, then when can you? Set the ambiance with DIY mason jars by covering the inside of some old jars with a scattering of festive glitter and pop in a candle. Scatter them around the room, but the higher out of the way the better, as to avoid any accidents after a few too many glasses of champers!

If you have any leftover sparkles, then apply a little glue to your champagne bottles and bling them up too! 

The Backdrop 
If you’re tight on space but still looking to create an impact, then why not create your own party backdrop. It doesn’t have to engulf your entire room but rather highlight just a part of it. A great place to add a backdrop is always behind the food table.

A great idea that we spied on Pinterest was a simple star backdrop. All’s you need are a few sheets of sparkly card to cut into star shapes then simply join together with some clear string. Try different lengths of stars to make for a more interesting look when hung next to each other across the wall.   

Image Source 

Finally, no party décor is complete without a great centre piece amongst your delicious party spread. Stay thrifty and create something from what you already have. Take your champagne glasses that you’ll inevitably need for the countdown and fill with some festive baubles from your Christmas tree. Then simply arrange the glasses around a cake stand, and feel free to sprinkle with as much or little glitter as you like! 

The Centre Piece 

Finally, no party décor is complete without a great centre piece amongst your delicious party spread. Stay thrifty and create something from what you already have. Take your champagne glasses that you’ll inevitably need for the countdown and fill with some festive baubles from your Christmas tree. Then simply arrange the glasses around a cake stand, and feel free to sprinkle with as much or little glitter as you like!

Will you be creating some of your own New Year’s Eve decorations? We’d love to see, so why not tag us in your photos @nicahandbags on Instagram. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Festive Crafts for Thrifty Ladies

There’s no denying that here at Nica we love all things crafty and we also love Christmas time, so obviously when the festive season comes around, we have to combine the two things.

It’s a great way to save money and have fun in the process by making your own Christmas wrapping paper, cards and décor. Pinterest has lots of Christmas crafts to make, be it DIY Christmas decorations or DIY Christmas gifts, take a look at a few of our favourite finds that we can’t wait to try out.

Christmas Snowflakes

One of the best things about finding crafts on Pinterest is that you can often stumble across a set of visual step by step instructions too and that’s exactly what we found for this fun snowflake here. All’s you need is a couple of sheets of paper depending upon how big you’d like your end star to be, a pair of scissors, and a stapler. It’s easy peasy to make and simple to hang from your ceiling to freshen up your festive décor. 

Tree Decorations

Making a few of your own decorations always infuses your tree with more of a personal touch. Who doesn't remember making these kinds of crafts at school? It’s a great way to keep children entertained, and it’s also really nice to keep something that they've made for Christmases to come. 

We've opted for this very simple Rudolph the reindeer decoration. Simply dry out a cone and glue on a pair of googly eyes, a red bell nose, a pair of felt ears, twig antlers and a cotton loop to make hanging it extra easy. 

Origami Labels  

For the dedicated crafters amongst us, why not turn your hand to a spot of origami? It’s an art that we’re really inspired by, and it’s even influenced the cat hardware upon of new Venice crossbody. We found this cute little Santa idea on Pinterest here that’d add a really kitsch touch to the gift tags on your presents.

Which easy Christmas crafts will you be trying out? Why not drop us a comment below or tweet us as Nica_Handbags

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Party Outfit Inspiration

Don’t stress if you've not chosen your Christmas party outfits yet, we've got you covered with our special festive party edit. Read on to see how you can incorporate your #NicaHandbags into this season’s latest trends. 

Matching Co-ords

Images: Top, Bag, Shoe, Skirt 

Matching co-ords are still having their fashion moment even in winter but the key is to opt for sumptuous jewel tones or sparkling champagne hues, and of course there’s no better time to over embellish than at Christmas. So, go wild! Complement with Sarah Jessica Parker style statement heels and a go-to party season bag like our Venice clutch

Shimmering Statement 

Images: Dress, BagShoe

Metallics are back again for AW 14, so think oversized sequins and swirling brocades to keep you on trend. The catwalks were dabbling with a range of colours but it’s always good to stick to classic Christmassy metallic tones like silver, champagne and midnight blues to infuse your outfits with a dash of opulence. 

Look less try hard by teaming with a pair of block heels, and finish with the cute little Venice crossbody bag to keep you hands-free whilst hitting the dance floor.  

The Little Black Dress 

Images: Dress, Purse, Shoes 

There’s no better fail-safe than the classic LBD at any time of the year. Inject a bit of edge with some on-trend block heels, and infuse with a burst of colour by carrying some bold arm candy. Our large Mira purse is the perfect size or carrying your bare essentials.

Which Nica bag will you be carrying to your Christmas party this year? Drop us a comment below or tweet us @Nica_Handbags

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Winter Getaways: Europe's Coolest Up and Coming Destinations

From Cologne to Budapest there are plenty of Christmas market fuelled cheeky getaways to be had at this time of the year but how about testing out one of Europe’s cool up and coming destinations instead? Let us introduce you to a few of our faves. 


When it comes to Scandinavia, Stockholm has long been many a tourists first choice but in recent years Copenhagen has been bubbling up and stealing its crown. Marvel at its architecture and harbour via a mini cruise where you can also catch a glimpse of its famous mermaid statue. 

Or forget your sea legs and explore one of its beautiful historical castles. Copenhagen is also a pastry lovers’ paradise and if you’re partial to a Danish, don’t forget to ask for a wienerbrød otherwise we’re pretty sure that they’ll have no clue what you’re ordering. 


For the culture vulture inside of you, this polish getaway is awash with museums and photo worthy sites to fill up your Instagram feeds. One of our favourite spots is Ulica Józefa in the Kazimierz district where you can discover antique stores and offbeat boutiques with polish designers aplenty. For those of you who just can’t do a winter getaway without a festive market however, rest assured that you can sample traditional polish Christmas offerings around the city from the end of November to 26th December. 


Nobody does Christmas markets like Germany and although cities like Berlin and Munich are typically the first port of call, Hamburg is now on the radar. Enjoy German favourites like Lebkuchen and Glühwein at traditional markets that are scattered all over the city. Or indulge with a spot of Nordic flair at the Scandinavian themed market in the Altona district. 

Where's your favourite winter getaway? Drop us a comment below or tweet us @Nica_Handbags