Thursday, 11 October 2012

Alicia Satchel Inspiration

Nica’s Signature collection is a range of cherished Nica shapes, with each style coming from delightful inspirations from Nica’s life.

The ‘Alicia’ satchel was inspired by Nica’s visit to Castle grounds where a statue of Alice in Wonderland ‘Through the Looking Glass’ can be seen. Multiple worlds and a whimsical aura allowed for the creation of, and need for, multiple pockets, both open and zipped.

A twist lock mimics Alice’s intriguing behavior to open and close doors by twisting keys in locks to find hidden treasures. Cut out flower detailing and snowflake shapes depict the wonderland adventure that Alice finds herself on.

 What style bag would Alice need on such an adventure? A satchel of course! And that is how the inspiration of an Alice in Wonderland statue created Nica’s ‘Alicia’ satchel.

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