Friday, 3 May 2013

A warm welcome to Westminster

Westminster Uni meets Nica!
Recently, Nica was proud to open the doors to Nica’s HQ to the buying students from Westminster University.
We started the presentation off with one of the Nica Designers, Melissa Wong and Product Manager, Tracey De Sousa going through the intricate detailing and design that goes into each and every Nica bag.

After educating the students about the Nica brand, we asked them to put together and merchandise a range of our handbags and purses which they think could be suitable for our main department store customers for SS13.

The girls set to work and came up with some lovely ideas....

After putting together their range together, the students were asked to present their range and rationale for their decisions to the rest of the group. After seeing their creative flair in their choices, we then asked them to design what they think should be the next Nica handbag charm...

They certainly didn’t disappoint and gave us some great vintage inspired designs and sketches.  

We would like to thank the students from Westminster University for coming to Nica HQ and taking part with such enthusiasm.
We wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you again soon.
Love Nica Kim xxx

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