Wednesday, 31 December 2014

How to Hit the January Sales like a Pro

For lots of us, the January sales are a big deal with many even pitching up outside of their favourite stores the night before to ensure that they snap up the best of bargains. If this story is all too familiar for you, then don't make the mistake of queueing up at 5am, shop savvy and follow our rules to prevent buyers’ regret!

1) Shop Online

Now, of course we’re firm advocates of shopping online but it really is the winning idea because you beat the stressful crowds and don't have to queue up outside in the freezing cold at silly O’ Clock -when you’re still recovering from your festive food and drink binge!

If you shop online, it also means that you can go straight for the items that you already have in mind without getting distracted by other deals scattered around the shelves. Plus, being online also gives you the added option of checking out comparison sites to hunt down the best of deals. 

2) Be in the Know

Sign up for the emails of your favourite brands and follow them on social media to be amongst the first to find out about when their sales launch, which also means you’ll be the first to snap up the very best deals. At least if you're planning on joining the street queues you'll get the right day, and being amongst the first does mean you can get in and find the best deals!

3) Don’t Impulse Buy 

It’s easy to get carried away when you know that you’re getting a bargain, but will you really wear that luminous bob hat?! Probably not, so shop a little more savvy and walk away from the stuff that you’re never going to wear, even if it’s only a few pounds! 

If you're ready to sale shop, discover our end of season sale here, and if you snap up a Nica bargain, why not take a picture and tag us @nicahandbags on Instagram as we'd love to see what you've been buying. 

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