Friday, 30 January 2015

Inside the Julio Le Parc Exhibition with Nica Kim

Since a very young age, I have always enjoyed visiting exhibitions and luckily for me, working as a designer almost necessitates it when searching for some new inspiration.

Last weekend, I headed over to London’s Serpentine Galleries to take a look at their Julio Le Parc exhibition. He’s been such a well-known name within the world of art for such a long time that I was shocked to learn that this is the first ever major UK exhibition for the eighty something artist. 

The exhibition is themed around optical and sensory art, featuring his signature interactive games. It’s a really fun exhibition that encourages you to get completely involved by wandering around and pushing buttons to make things work. I'm not going to lie, it definitely unleashed my inner child for the afternoon!

Le Parc’s exhibitions are known to break the rules as they strip away the artists’ authority and instead turn the gallery into a democracy. All of the tools are at hand as you interact and use your own imaginations to make of the exhibition what you will. And of course, you can’t help but find its political undertones very thought provoking.

I like to infuse my designs with an element of fun, so I really admired the quirkiness of the exhibition and would recommend you popping along to check it out if you’re looking for something a little different to do at the weekend. 

The home of the exhibition, The Serpentine Galleries are also surrounded by the greenery of Kensington Gardens, which are perfect for Sunday afternoon strolling.  

I’m always looking for a new exhibition to check out and would love to hear about your favourites. Why not drop me a comment below or Tweet me @Nica_Handbags for a chit chat! I look forward to hearing all about your recommendations.  

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