Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Plan your Bank Holiday Weekend with Nica

Thanks to all of the cheeky long bank holiday weekends, May is fast becoming one of our favourite months! For those of you who are still yet to make some fun plans, then check out our tips that are perfect for all budgets. 

Shoe String

Weather permitting, grab your friends and hit the park for a picnic! Nothing meets sharing your favourite snacks with good company, and if you’re looking for something more memorable opt for a themed picnic. Here at Nica HQ, we’re obsessed with clean eating, so we’ll be hitting the park whilst giving our friends strict instructions to bring along their favourite Vegan dishes. It’s a fun way to add a little healthy eating into your diets whilst discovering a new recipe or two! 

Treat Yourself

If for you a bank holiday calls for packing up your oven mitts whilst somebody else does the hard work, then why not hit a food festival? It’s more of an experience than simply dining at another restaurant and there are plenty to choose from nationwide. If like us you’re London based, then the ultimate FoodiesFestival is taking place at Alexander Park from Saturday 23rd until Monday 25th May. There’ll be masterclasses, talks and tastings galore featuring chefs such as Aldo Zilli!  


For those of you who don’t mind tapping into your savings and evoking upon a cheeky Euro getaway over the long Bank Holiday Weekends, then there’s no better of a time to hit the French Riviera then when the Cannes film festival hits town.
Sample some iconic French cuisine, indulge in the luxurious boutiques and do a bit of star spotting… You never know who you’ll see at this time of the year!

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