Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Carry Me Away… To London’s Best Cocktail Making Classes

Got a girl’s weekend away in London planned? - Head to one of our favourite cocktail haunts and learn the art so that you can re-create and show-off for your friends at home.

Callooh Callay 

A class at Callooh Callay includes canapés upon arrival and a tasting tutorial of 'The Four Cocktail Golden Ages'. Those with a competitive streak will be pleased to know that you fight it out with your classmates to make the best classic. The winner gets a £50 bar tab too - So it's worth rolling up your sleeves and giving it your best shot! The minimum group size is eight, but they can accommodate you any day of the week.

Lucky Voice 

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Cocktails and karaoke go together like Pina and Colada, and this one is a classic girls' night out. At Soho's Lucky Voice you'll get a lesson in basic bar-tending techniques and a turn behind the bar. Cosmo in hand, you can stay on to warble your way through I Will Always Love You in a private karaoke booth after the class!
Lucky Voice Soho.

Harvey Nichols Champagne Bar

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Start the weekend with an Ab Fab-style hair of the dog on a Saturday morning. Harvey Nichols' resident bartender will guide you through balancing different flavours and making classic cocktail combinations, before letting you loose behind the bar to practice. Your ticket to Harvey Nichols Champagne Bar also includes a relaxing lunch at the adjoining Fifth Floor Restaurant.

Have you tried out any cocktail making classes yet? Why not tell us @Nica_Handbags on Twitter or in the comments below as we'd love to hear your tips. 

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