Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nica’s Festival Style Guide

Across Body Bag | Nica's Festival Style Guide

As a big festival fan, I’ve recently found myself caught up in the buzz surrounding Glastonbury - the UK’s biggest music festival. One aspect of festivals which I find particularly interesting is the various sights and styles which culminate at events of this scale. 

Glastonbury welcomes over 100,000 festival goers into its wonderland and is as much a style spotter’s paradise as it is a music extravaganza. Alexa Chung and Florence Welch are regular attendees and never fail to sport vibrant and interesting outfits.
All this hubbub over the festival season got me thinking about what I’ll be bringing with me to the festival arena and how best to style my outfits. After all, with wind, rain and cold usually making an appearance, packing for British festivals is no easy task. Read on for my very own festival style guide:

1. Cross body Bag
Nica Play Aretha Acrossbody Bag
When I’m watching my favourite band, I like to get as close to the front as possible. We all know it can get a little crowded at festivals and that’s why I always pack a trusty cross body bag , like the Nica Play Aretha Acrossbody. This floral slim line bag is functional and stylish and gives me all the room I need to store my camera or much needed water bottle.

2. Throw Away Camera

I love my SLR camera, but when I go to festivals I like to bring something a little more compact that I can whip out whenever there’s a photo opp. Polaroid and disposable cameras are my best friends at festivals, there’s just something about the spontaneity and fun of developing them that you can’t beat! 

3. Floral Head Crown

The midsummer’s night dream ethereal look is hard to pull off in its entirety, but a floral head crown is one of my most loved accessories. If I’m feeling lazy I’ll pull on a plain outfit and add the floral crown as a finishing touch – I always get so many compliments and it looks as though you have made an effort without trying too hard.

Lots of people buy head crowns but I prefer to make my own, there’s so many great tutorials online, I followed this one.

4. Wellies

This is probably the most obvious festival essential in the book, and always reminds me of the year I forgot my wellies. The weather forecast was dry so I thought I’d take a chance on wearing sandals instead of wellington boots – oh my goodness! My feet sank into the mud like quick sand and I had to scarper to the nearest vendor to purchase some sensible shoes!

I hope my festival style guide has given you some inspiration of your own. What are your festival style essentials?

Holly x
The Nica Team

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