Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Coffee Table Reading: Some of our Favourite Magazines

As we wave goodbye to light filled evenings, the prospect of curling up on the sofa with a great magazine, cup of tea and warm blanket seems more and more appealing. Perhaps it’s time to settle down and give in to couch potato season once and for all, but before we do, we’re seeking out some fantastic coffee table reads to make us feel inspired throughout the colder months. Read on for Nica’s favourite magazines:

Oh Comely

Packed in between glossy weeklies and gossip mags, Oh Comely stands out as an enigma. A glance at the pretty, minimalist cover doesn't give much away which only serves to heighten the viewer’s curiosity and you’ll soon find yourself delving into the content driven magazine which focuses on art, craft, music, people and places. 

Each issue takes on a different theme be it space, travel or an iconic exploration of breakfast, lunch and dinner food! This is the kind of magazine which warms the heart and inspires creativity, leaving the reader feeling motivated and driven. Notable regular features include a handwritten office playlist and zany craft tutorials such as building a wooden boat and mini space rocket.
Magazine Mantra: Keep your Curiosity Sacred.

I-D Magazine

Over its 34 year run, this iconic fashion and youth culture magazine has seen the likes of Kate Moss, Georgia Jagger and Scarlet Johansson grace its front cover. Pioneers of documentary photography, I-D magazine has a strong focus on photographing people in a ‘straight up’ fashion which offers viewers a sneak peek into the subject’s life.

The main purpose of the magazine is to offer its readers a source of fashion inspiration, what started out as a project to capture the street style of London punks during the 1980’s has gone on to become a globally recognised fashion magazine which isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Lionheart Magazine

Lionheart magazine is a little harder to track down than Oh Comely and I-D, their few stockists are dotted around the UK, leading most readers to subscribe via the magazines official website. This is an enchanting publication written by creatives for creatives and similar to Oh Comely focuses upon people and inspiration with smatterings of fashion and music.

From bravery to happiness, Lionheart magazine also takes on a motivational theme each month to engage and inspire the reader, the entire publication is bursting with character and illustrated to perfection while the tone and direction of the magazine feels like a cosy catch up with an old friend.
Magazine Mantra: A beautiful magazine with mighty roar in its heart.

We hope that you've enjoyed reading through our selection! Share your favourite magazines with us by tagging @Nica_Handbags on Twitter or @nicahandbags on Instagram. 

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