Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Discover Some of NICA’s Favourite Television Characters

The recent cold spell has given us a serious case of obsessive series disorder and with irresistible TV shows premièring left, right and centre, who knows when this love affair will end? From edge-of-the-seat action in Breaking Bad to reruns of coming of age drama Girls, we have fallen hook, line and sinker for our television sets and what’s more, we have a sneaky suspicion that we’re not alone!

So, in celebration of square-eyed vision let’s run through the television characters who keep us engrossed and captivated time and time again. Presenting televisions most stylish characters and the NICA team's all-time favourites:

Joan Holloway in Mad Men

The femme fatale of the office, Joan Holloway is a woman that other women envy and aspire to be. Mad Men is centred on an advertising agency in the 1960’s where men rule the roost. Joan plays a flirtatious office vixen, and has received critical acclaim for her ‘on-screen magnetism’. 

Style: Christina Hendricks, the actress who plays Joan has been recognised as a global style icon, her curvy figure, fiery red locks and curvaceous outfits have won her several awards including World’s Sexiest Woman as voted by Esquire magazine. Get the Joan Holloway look with perfectly tailored dresses, fitted olive green blazers, high-necked cropped jumpers and wiggle skirts. 

Hannah Horvath and Jessa Johansson in Girls

For any graduate who is feeling a little apathetic and unenthused about the future, there’s Girls, a hilarious and heart-wrenching coming of age series set in present day New York that never fails to bring cheer.
Hannah Horvath’s endless wit and talent for getting involved in the most awkward situations has us laughing, cringing and nodding along in relation to similar instances. Then, there’s Jessa Johansson, a well-travelled hipster who appears to have the world at her feet but is consumed with existentialism issues and a disregard for the conventional world of work. 

Style: Tall and lean, Jessa can often be spotted wearing mom jeans, fedora hats and bohemian printed flowing shirts, while small and petite Hannah covets quirky tea dresses, plaid prints and kooky tattoos.

Margaret Thompson in Boardwalk Empire 

Boardwalk Empire focuses on prohibition in America, which occurred during the 1920’s and 30’s, and is packed full of dazzling style, scandalous adultery and power struggles between political figures and mobsters. Within the chaos is Margaret Schroeder, an Irish immigrant who has humble beginnings as the long suffering wife of a tyrant but is transformed when she remarries the town’s mayor, Enoch Thompson. Margaret is the second main character in Boardwalk Empire and has appeared in every single episode bar one.

Style: Almost overnight Margaret goes from rags to riches, leaving dowdy outfits behind in place of glitzy diamonds, embellished shift dresses and fancy hairstyles. 

Who's your favourite television character? We love to discover a new style icon, so, share your characters' photos with us on Twitter by tagging @Nica_Handbags or on Instagram @nicahandbags with #NicaStyleIcons. 

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