Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Discover Some of the UK’s Best Alternative Fashion Events

If like us you've spent the last couple of days watching some of your favourite bloggers posting pics from the front row of  high profile shows like Vivienne Westwood and Christopher Kane's shows, you'll be feeling at a bit of a loss now that London Fashion Week has ended. 

So, to keep the fashion spirit alive, we've gone on a bit of a mission of our own to discover the very best alternative fashion events across the UK. Get your diary out and put your glad rags on, it’s time to join the glitterati! 

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

Judy is one busy lady. Since 2005 she’s been touring Great Britain bringing her unique vintage fair to a plethora of UK cities. Bath, Oxford, Cardiff…You name it, Judy’s been there. And 2014 is no exception with Reading, Cambridge and Birmingham on the cards for this spring.

How many times have you fallen in love with a vintage faux fur coat only to be disappointed by the triple figure price tag? Well not any more thrift hunters, Judy describes her stock as ‘knock-out vintage which never breaks the bank’. We approve!

Shop to your heart’s content at vintage furniture, clothing and kilo sales across the UK. Entry to all events is just £2 and most of the attendees look as if they have just stepped out of a time machine. Dressing up is essential.
Mrs Bear’s Swap Shop

What happens when you outgrow that expensive shift dress or change your mind about a pair of fuchsia kitten heels? Auction websites take up a lot of time and even if you do manage to get sky high bids on all your items, the website usually takes a 10% cut of the winnings. This is where Mrs Bear’s Swap Shop comes into things.

Imagine being able to take 7 unwanted items to a gigantic clothing event in exchange for 7 shiny new items at the laughably cheap price of £7. Well, now you can! Mrs Bear’s Swap Shop is about recycling old gems for new ones and the best news of all is that all the items are either from luxury high street stores or designer brands. You won’t find any cheap tat here, just stacks of vintage treasure waiting to be snapped up. 

The next event is on Saturday 1st March at The Water Poet Pub in Spitalfields.

Paintworks Vintage Kilo Sale

On Sunday 23rd March 7 tonnes of vintage clothing from the 1970’s onwards will be transported to a large converted loft in central Bristol. The reason? Paintworks Vintage Kilo Sale. Vintage kilo sales have been popping up right, left and centre in the UK with popularity owing to the affordable nature of the event. For a mere £15 per kilo (4-5 items) buyers can take home a whole new outfit for the price of dinner and a film out. Arrive early to grab the best items! 

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