Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spring Cleaning: How to Organise your NICA

Rusty loose change, ink Biro leakage, receipt reels, hair ties, make-up residue, old train tickets… Are you sensing a theme here? Yes, you've guessed it, these are some of the most common handbag faux pas, and we’re all guilty of them. We bet when you first laid eyes upon your beloved handbag all shiny and pristine, you never dreamt that one day it could become a secondary dustbin. But alas, it has!
But fear not as we're here to restore order to messy arm candy and prevent today’s pay day purchase becoming tomorrow’s dumping ground. Read the Nica guide to organising your handbag and wave goodbye to unkempt accessories!

The Daily Rummage
Whether it's car keys lost beneath a sea of coupons or debit cards wedged in-between pages of a book, hands up if you’re a serial rummager? This is where compartment bags such as the Alicia Satchel* come in handy. 

Establish a set compartment to put your purse, keys and misc. pieces of paper, and stick to it. Pens are best avoided altogether due to potential ink stains, but if you do find yourself reaching for the more risqué handbag items such as pressed powders, lotions or pens, an accessories pouch or mini make-up bag which you can pop into a large compartment will work wonders at keeping your handbag in pristine condition. 

*The Alicia Satchel comes with a built in mirror, 2 zip compartments and 2 internal compartments making organising your handbag a breeze.

Spring Cleaning

Now that we've taken care of the organisational aspect of your prized handbag, it’s time for a spot of spring cleaning. Regularly clear the debris lurking at the bottom of the bag away and shake off the rubble before wiping away any imperfections. A splash of warm water and a mild detergent works wonders at banishing any stains on a synthetic finish. If you do invest in a high end cleaning product however, always be sure to test on a small hidden patch to ensure the desired effect will be achieved. 

Bags of Personality
Life would be pretty boring if we all looked the same, and that’s why we create unique arm candy with bags of creative personality. Whether it’s a branded bicycle motif, vintage scarf, intricate detailing or floral printed handbag, our staple accessories express individuality while serving a functional purpose too. 

Keep your Nica looking desirable throughout all four seasons by following our simple tips and tricks and that special purchase won’t need to be replaced. Who said handbags are seasonal only?

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