Friday, 4 April 2014

Our Favourite Unconventional Style Icons: Jemima Kirke

Best known for her role as the free-spirited Jessa in hit TV series Girls, Jemima Kirke can often be spotted wearing a turban hair accessory or a demure floppy hat paired with a kaftan. This unconventional style icon is bohemian, sassy and super cool; let’s take a look at Jemima Kirke’s experimental style.

Jemima Kirke in Girls

Whether she’s got her hair in braids sporting demure earrings and an off-beat rock t-shirt or an earth coloured catarzi hat and a pashmina scarf draped around her neck; Jessa’s style is an extension of her bohemian personality, she’s a woman who can’t be tamed.

While the other Girls characters are predictable in their nature, Jessa keeps us guessing. You never know what she’s going to do next which makes for exciting viewing and even better fashion eye candy.
What makes Jessa unique is her daring confidence and bold style, full of self-assured bravado; she rarely follows the crowd but always turns heads. From embroidered kimonos to free-flowing Grecian style dresses, we’d love to be as cool as Jessa.

Jemima Kirke at Award Shows

Jemima’s off-screen style is much the same as her on-screen style. Pictured above at an award show she wears a beautiful velvet maxi-dress with a gold leaf necklace and a beaded clutch - not dissimilar to an outfit Jessa would wear. Perhaps the correlation between actress and artist stems from the fact that Jessa never set out to be an actress and was actually commissioned for the role by her best friend Lena Durham -writer and star of Girls.

In reality Jemima is extremely similar to her Girls character, a trait which enhances her style credentials and strong fashion identity.

Regularly papped in beatnik inspired dresses, Jemima also loves accessories. Gemstone rings, dangly earrings and jewelled necklaces are her staples and you’ll rarely spot a photo of her without her signature red lipstick. 

Jemima Kirke Off-Screen

And when she’s not on the set of Girls or swanning off to award shows, you can find our style crush in pretty much exactly the same ensembles. Channel Jemima Kirke / Jessa Johansson style with a floral kimono, floppy hat and lots of jewellery. Finish the look off with a printed satchel such as the Nica Lili Price in fruit print. Ta-da! Jemima Kirke eat your heart out!

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