Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Nica's Design Inspirations: The Pheobe Collection

Have you spotted my beautiful new Pheobe collection yet? The crossbody is a great go to for summer, especially in the mustard and raspberry hues. It’s definitely one of my favourite new pieces that I’ll also be carrying forward into winter too, so, I thought that I’d share its design inspirations with you. 

So, let me start with its cute hardware first of all. Those of you who love Nica Handbags will know that I like to mix up my designs with unexpected hardware, and this time, I've channelled my love for the French artist and accessories maker Lea Stein. She's often referred to as the most notable and innovative designer of plastic jewellery of the 20th century, and her art deco jewellery has covered everything from cats and dogs to household items.

I opted for some foxy hardware, looking through a plenitude of playful fox illustrations for inspiration until I developed my cute little Nica fox, who infuses the classic crossbody with the perfect whimsical twist. 

For the shape of the bag, I looked back at retro flight bags for inspiration, particularly those with whimsical illustrations upon until I re-worked its shape into a crossbody style, and added a bit of interest with a quilt effect finish. 

What do you think of the new Pheobe crossbody? What hardware are you hoping to see spring up next season? Why not drop us a comment, and let us know below! 

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