Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Easy Nail Art Ideas

As we cover up for the cold season, attention turns to the little details. Embellished collars, statement jewels and of course, painted nails. The beauty of winter is that we find time to do the things we were too busy for during the summer months. From getting stuck into the latest detective series to homemade arts and crafts, winter is for nesting.

And to that end we've been getting hooked on winter nail art here at Nica. Spending time perfecting nail designs is relaxing and fun- plus we get to have Instagram worthy talons without leaving the comfort of the sofa. It’s a win-win situation.

Beautify your claws with our easy to do nail art ideas. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

The Monochrome Spot

Winter nail colours don’t come much better than black and white. The monochrome combination complements everything and looks oh-so chic.

You’ll need:
-Black nail polish
-White nail polish
-Bobby pin
-Top coat

1) Paint your nails with 2 coats of black polish and leave to dry. Patience is key, otherwise you’ll end up with smudgy polka dots and nobody wants that.

2) Dip your bobby pin into the white polish and apply to nails. Aim to have around 5 polka dots on each nail. Leave to dry

3) Apply a top coat and hey presto, your autumn nail art is complete.

Festive Red

Red glitter is the epitome of festive nail art. The rich red colour of baubles and Santa’s cloak paired with tinsel glitter is a chic way to channel Christmas through your nails. And it’s so easy to perfect.

You’ll need:
-Red nail polish
-Pot of glitter
-Disposable paint brush
-Varnish top coat

1) Paint your nails with two coats of red varnish. Allow to dry.

2)  Dip the brush in the glitter and apply to the top half of your nails. Alternatively you could use a glitter polish taking care to apply light strokes to the nail.

3) Apply a top coat and leave to dry. 

4) Go out and show off your Christmas nail art!

Show off your winter nail designs by tweeting snaps of your handiwork to @Nica_Handbags. If you’ve got any tried and tasted tutorials you think we’d like, leave us a comment with your blog address. We’d love to check it out.

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