Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Best Halloween Parties in London

Carve up the pumpkins, dig out the dressing up box and load up the scary film stash, its Halloween time. Falling on a Friday for the first time in years, London’s venues have been quick to organise the fright night parties. With an exhaustive number of events taking place in every corner of the city, we’ve filtered through to find the very best. Where will you end up?

East London’s canal side CRATE Brewery is the brainchild of local Hackney artists. Clubbing together to create a hip, upcycled venue, the interior came together in 6 weeks and is a mishmash of old railway sleepers, ladders and moored boats. Specialising in hand-rolled artisan pizza, cask ale and international beer, CRATE is a hub for fun-loving creatives.

And there’s good news for scare seekers because the brewery will be providing more Halloween chills than just ice-cold beer this Friday. Their appropriately named ‘Grind-House’ party encourages dressing up in the form of ‘ghouls and good times’, with 3 impressive DJs. Tickets are £5.

For those who require more adventure than their own front room but don’t want to party ‘til sunrise dressed as Frankenstein, hot tub Halloween is the perfect middle ground.  Round up 6 of your besties and head to the pop-up Shoreditch location for some scary screenings. If you’re reading this and questioning the writer’s sanity, fear not: hot tubs are heated at 40c so you’ll stay warm and toasty despite the cold night air.

With waiters standing by ready to fetch popcorn and refreshments at a moments notice, there’ll be little reason to move from your bubbly paradise. At the time of writing there are still tickets left to watch The Lost Boys, The Craft and 28 Days Later so grab yours quick for some laid-back frights.

Waterloo doesn't sound like a likely location for a Halloween rave, but the vaults in the underground have been refashioned into a seriously spooky setting. The vaults are actually a place of legend because during the 19th century they were used as a solution to London’s overcrowded graveyards. The ex-morgue turned Halloween Raveyard is therefore much more authentic than your standard themed club night.

Dance with zombies in the disco dance hall and experience chills and thrills in Dr Maynard’s Hideous Dissection Lab. Taking place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, scare seekers can cherry pick the best night to celebrate.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the Halloween parties in London. Have you spotted any that have caught your eye? Let us know by tweeting us @Nica_Handbags or commenting below.

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