Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How To Create the Ultimate Workspace

We’re not all blessed with mansion living, so for lots of us creating a workspace that’s both functional yet aesthetically pleasing can become quite the challenge.

So, whether you're a freelancer, a blogger or a student follow our crafty design tips for some workspace inspiration, and create yourself an amazing place to do your work. 

The Student

If you’re a student who’s still living in a tiny bedroom at your parent’s, then there’s no doubt that your workspace is something that you use for more than just doing your homework on. Everybody needs a place to do their make-up before a big night out, right?

The key is to optimise the little space that you have. Try adding in a bunk bed and using the new found space below it as your office come make-up room! 

The Blogger 

A tidy desk is a tidy mind and keeping organised is the key to optimum productivity, and as lots of Bloggers also work full-time alongside their hobby, time is of the essence.

Devise a place for all of your essentials. Invest in drawer tidies and storage boxes for underneath your desk so that everything has a home and you’ll never waste time rummaging through random piles again. 

The Freelancer 

In turn with freelancing comes the freedom which many of us strapped to our 9-5 office desks desire, but the downside of course, is that your home then also becomes your office. If you’re at the beginning of your freelancing career, then you’re probably living in a dingy one bed with no spare cash to even consider desk surfing at a co-working space.

So, make the most of the space you have and section up your flat into separate areas. If you’re blessed with a built in wardrobe, set up your office inside, and at the end of your working hours, simply close its doors and reclaim your home space.

What are your thrifty tips for creating the perfect workspace? Drop us a comment below. 

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