Wednesday, 22 July 2015

#NicaTalks: A Look-Back at Nica Kim's Twitter Q&A

Our designer Nica Kim always loves sharing her design inspiration with you and she recently took her love for it that one step further by taking part in her first ever #NicaTalks Twitter Q&A.

As she sat down for her afternoon tea, she welcomed your questions about her inspirations and career, and it was also the perfect opportunity to show off her beautiful new collection. 

‏@Mercyeee : How do come up with the concepts for your bags?

Nica Kim: I want to build excitement with each bag I design that fits into the brand image and range.

@LoveYourTresses: Would u have still pursued hand bag designing if u hadn't won the competition that brought your gift 2 light?

Nica Kim:
I had planned to set up in the ceramic industry using my own prints - I had never planned for handbag design. 

@LilliwhiteroseFlamingoes are my fave!

Nica Kim: Summer is so reminiscent of palm trees. The Flamingo is beautiful, elegant and exciting.

‏@villou : What should we expect in the future in terms of brand development?

Nica Kim: My aim is for Nica to be lifestyle brand using my prints. I love stationary & homeware so this could be an exciting move.  

@Lilliwhiterose : When making bags for women what is one of the most important key features you keep in mind?

Nica Kim: Texture is a key word for Nica. Tweed is my favourite material as I the texture can bring the bag to life.

Nica Kim: I also love incorporating prints and colours to create bold and dynamic designs.

If you’re sad that you’ve missed the first ever #NicaTalks, worry not as we’re planning to have plenty more! Plus, you can still drop us your questions at @Nica_Handbags on Twitter with #NicaTalks and we’ll get back to you asap! 

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