Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#NicaTravels: Nica Kim Soaks up the Minimal Style of Copenhagen

Last week I jetted away from rainy London to the beautiful Copenhagen to derive a little design inspiration, as you've guessed it, I'm already planning a new season collection! 

Copenhagen is renowned for its cool minimalistic aesthetic, so I thought that there’d be no better of a location to hit than Denmark’s stylish capital to soak up some of its Scandi-cool influences. This time around my denim Ava grab was my travel companion of choice.

Thanks to its clean, simple lines Danish architecture boasts a classic appeal that never seems to go out of style, and for me, simply admiring the architecture in different countries triggers the design process.

It was also really interesting to see that Copenhagen’s cityscape is made up of by 4-6 story high buildings rather than the glass skyscrapers which dominate most other capital’s. That’s definitely not to say that it’s lacking in contemporary architecture, though.  

If you love seafood, then Copenhagen is the place for you. It was actually founded thanks to the abundance of fish that the ├śresund provides, and you can enjoy its fresh local produce all over Copenhagen, from Michelin star restaurants to quick street food eats.

Opportunities to shop are a plenty too. Not only did I hit the many Danish clothing boutiques but I also seized the opportunity to check out the homeware shops, as goods in these kinds of places are often the most inspiring for my own designs. 

The Danish seem to have such a relaxed way of life that I think London could learn a lot from, and who doesn’t like a country that values enjoying life so much. This ice cream van definitely twisted my arm into having one.

Where have you been travelling with your Nica handbags lately? Don’t forget to tag your photos with #MyNica @nicahandbags on Instagram as I’d love to see.

Love Nica Kim
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