Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Meet Our #NicaDesignAPrint Winner Lili Price

We hope that you've been keeping up with our #NicaDesignAPrint contest, and for all of our twitter and Instagram followers, we hope that you enjoyed our live tweeting throughout the awards ceremony at the Clothes Show yesterday.

If you love our winner’s print, then, you’ll be pleased to know that we caught up with Lili after the ceremony to find out a bit more about her, and most importantly, her design inspirations.

Lili from Farnborough Sixth Form College is a passionate graphic design student, currently studying for her A Levels and working as a Freelancer in her spare time. She also has her own lovely site LiliPriceStudio, which you should definitely check out if you want to see more examples of her current projects.

Design Inspirations
Lili explained that by studying for her A Levels, she discovered that she really liked the technique of experimenting with water colours and fine liners, and when she saw our design brief, she started by doing live drawings of flowers from around her house and garden. She then experimented with lots of colours and added in different fruits like pomegranates and peaches to create lots of variations of the print, which included the beautiful winning design that we chose.

Lili explained that her designs can be influenced by absolutely anything, and recommends using social media including Tumblr for gathering ideas for designs, which she also uses when looking for fashion inspiration too.  
If you're wondering who inspires Lili's work, she told us that she’s influenced by many different graphic designers such as James Gulliver Hancock and is a massive fan of his All The Buildings in New York project, which attempts to make the city personal by passing a pen over each of the city’s structures.

Why Lili's Print?
Designer Nica Kim really loved Lili's print as it evoked memories of her childhood, and most importantly, she believes that it fits in perfectly with the Nica brand. After meeting Lili at the awards, Nica was also extremely impressed to hear that she's already turned a lot of her college work prints into beautiful notebook, iPad and iPhone covers.

We believe that Lili is a true design talent and can't wait for her to start her work experience with us next year. Hopefully you'll be able to follow her progress here on our blog too, and get ready to snap up one of our iconic satchels in her winning print, which will be available to buy upon at the beginning of next year.

Let us know what you think about Lili's winning print by dropping us a comment below or tweeting us @Nica_Handbags.

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