Monday, 2 December 2013

#NicaChristmas: Festive Craft Inspiration

There are so many fun things to do around this time of the year, from spending your evenings at home trying out traditional Christmas DIYs or baking, to venturing outdoors and enjoying those splendid Christmas markets or dabbling in a spot of festive ice skating.

As the Christmas songs are already playing in our office, we're looking for some festively crafty inspiration. Take a look what we've found so far upon our new Pinterest board #NicaChristmas Crafts.

One of our favourites has to also be one of the easiest too, and that's the jam jar turned candle holder. Simply pop a candle inside a jar and festively decorate as you please. Ribbons, fake snow, and berries are the usual choices but the possibilities are endless!

Why not share your Christmas DIYS with us using #NicaChristmas upon our social channels or tagging us directly on Facebook or Instagram? We can't wait to be inspired by what you've been creating.

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