Wednesday, 4 December 2013

NICA’s Playlist

It’s often fascinating to learn people’s style and music interests.  At the office we’re always intrigued to find out which fashion icons inspire each other’s wardrobes, so, we thought that we’d share something with you – our opinions on the best songs of 2013. That's which songs we listen to whilst we mull over gorgeous handbags and pretty purses!

We asked Amy Stephens, Nica Kim, Iva Suchankova and Rakhi Popat from Team Nica to tell us about their musical preferences…

The majority of us are more than happy to listen to an eclectic mix of songs on the radio, with Amy admitting to relishing lots of festive tunes around the Christmas period! However, Senior Designer Nica Kim likes to request music by the late American jazz pianist and composer, Bill Evans.  Evans was one of the most influential jazz pianists of the 20th Century. Bill Evans’ distinct music style is loved by Nica Kim; a few other members of the team here at NICA have grown to love the talented musician too!

Both managerial members of the team, Iva Suchankova and Amy Stephens, would choose Queen to headline at their dream festival, with Iva quick to mention “the original line-up” – absolutely no one can come close to the core four; Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor!

Rakhi Popat, our senior product manager, admits that her favourite album of all time is ‘Confessions’ by Usher.  This album was the R&B star’s fourth and was a pivotal point in the singer’s career.   “Confessions” sold 10 million copies in America, putting Usher on a par with The Beatles and many other prestigious artists! Who could forget the lead single ‘Yeah!’ - the ultimate party anthem! 

Firm favourite songs amongst our team are ‘Afterlife’ by indie rock band Arcade Fire, ‘I’m Yours’ by American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, ‘Wake Me Up’ by Swedish DJ Avicii, and finally, Lorde’s number 1 hit, ‘Royals’.  Whilst the songs couldn't be more different, with ‘I’m Yours’ being a popular choice for a wedding first dance; ‘Afterlife’ offering a discomforting story of a broken family; ‘Wake Me Up’ acting as an upbeat folk tune and ‘Royals’ being a captivating track, the team here at NICA all have one thing in common – we adore handbags! 

What do you think are the best songs of 2013?  Do any of your favourite songs match ours?  Whose album would you say is one of the best albums of 2013? Let us know by tweeting @Nica_handbags.

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