Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Intrepid Long Haul Trips of a Lifetime

If your taste for travelling extends further than the nearest sun lounger then take a walk on the wild side with the help of Nica. Traverse the globe with life affirming treks to Mongolia, Morocco and Croatia. Try some of these ideas on for size.

Drive to Mongolia

Perhaps the greatest adventure you can go on by car, the Mongol Rally will test your endurance to the limit. Driving across mountains, desert, remote terrain and a sizeable chunk of Europe and Asia, you’ll literally be in the driving seat, free to explore the globe on your own terms.

It’s a daunting challenge; the rules state that no accommodation plans can be made in advance and from the second you leave, you’re out there on your own. Your car could break down in Siberia or you might get lost in Kazakhstan, but the possibility of anything happening is what makes this challenge so exciting. 

Teams can be 2-4 people strong and on average around 270 teams enter the rally annually. If you’ve got an amazingly thick skin, 3 months to put aside for travelling and fab fundraising skills then the Mongol Charity Rally could be your ticket to ride.

Hitchhike to Morocco

1,200 miles, 4 countries, 8 days- it’s not a challenge for the faint hearted but since Hitch started in 1992 some 8,500 people have taken part. Considered one of the cheapest and greenest ways to see the world, the Hitch to Morocco will take you deep into France and Spain before arriving in North Africa.

Travel with a best mate, partner or if you’re feeling super brave a mystery Hitcher organised by the company. It’s all in aid of charity and the generosity of drivers often extends to free accommodation, meals and friends for life.

Volunteer in Honduras

Are you a budding Dr Doolittle? With volunteering placements in Honduras, you can combine your love of animals and thirst for travel.  On a remote island location boasting azure sea and white sandy beaches, wildlife enthusiasts are given the opportunity to care for iguanas, trek in mangrove swamps and share experiences with likeminded volunteers.

For more unique travelling programmes such as this one, visit Original Volunteers to see what’s available.
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