Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nica’s Festival Survival Guide

Festivals have become a right of passage for every 20-something with a taste for music, but when it comes to packing many of us go into meltdown mode. Contrary to popular belief, itty bitty denim shorts aren’t going to cut it in colossal monsoons and as for that discount tent? Forget it. Pack smart and follow our tips for a flawless festival experience.

The Festival Packing List Dilemma

Festival weather is a real lottery, and for anyone who likes to dress fashionably, this spells disaster. But we’ve discovered a secret weapon this year: enter the transparent rain mac. We already confessed our love for this nifty garment in a previous style post. A practical rain mac won’t spoil your outfit choice, is easy to fold away and will keep you warm and dry. Now you won’t need to pack the kitchen sink in order to hold onto those style credentials. We can’t recommend one enough!

When it comes to luggage, a backpack is your best friend. Nobody wants to be lugging a family sized suitcase over muddy terrain and besides, walks from car parks to campsites can often take up to an hour.

If you’re after something a little more substantial luggage wise then the Nica Grace weekender is a festival saviour. And it even comes with a travel sized make-up bag which you can pop into your backpack for on-the-go beauty.

Embrace the Traditional

In many ways festivals are alternate realms, primitive holiday resorts which also offer gourmet halloumi and mojitos at sunrise. And even though you can wave goodbye to hot showers, phone signal and personal space for the best part of the week, embrace it. It’s actually quite refreshing to be newsfeed free for a few days and to fully immerse yourself in this temporary, exciting place.

Bring Your Own Drinks

Festivals are wateringly expensive and besides, nobody wants to miss Arcade Fire on the main stage because they’re stuck in a never ending queue. Bring a hipflask and a reusable water bottle with a lid- these are absolute must-haves.

Step Outside of your Comfort Zone

Last but not least, expect the unexpected. You’ll meet fancy dressed festival goers, catch amazing live performances when you least expect them and take home remarkable memories if you step outside of your comfort zone. So, spend time away from the main stage.

What do you think- have we missed out any crucial festival survival tips? Let us know by tweeting us @Nica_Handbags or leaving us a comment below.

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