Friday, 10 October 2014

Discover Nica's Design Inspiration: Shopping in Seoul

Fashion Week may have only just ended but guess what? I’m already thinking about A/W 15! That may seem like a long way away at the moment but that’s how far ahead we have to work to ensure you have the latest styles on time.

So, to inspire my A/W 15 collection, I recently headed to Seoul and hit the fashion Mecca which is the Dongdaemun district. Have you ever seen their iconic DDP art building in the middle of the shops? - It's the biggest 3 dimensional atypical structure of its kind in the world and  really brings the district to life. 

As you know, Seoul is a big trend-setter in the fashion world, and Dongdaemun boasts all different kinds of fabrics, clothes, and accessories that you could ever imagine – with a wholesale focus but things are also available at retail prices. 

So, I hit the numerous stores to see which trends are bubbling up, which involves everything from looking at the overall style of the finished products to the fabrics that they are made of. 

I find looking at different fusions of fabrics really inspiring, just like the outfit below, as it triggers lots of possibilities for my own future designs. 

By now, you know that creating unique Nica prints is something that I love to do, and so, I love to see what others are creating too. I took plenty of photos of printed fabric that I loved, and I've filed them in my development book for when I get back to London. 

What do you think of my new outfit that I picked up in Seoul? I also spend quite a lot of time buying inspiration samples to bring back too, and I couldn't help trying some on! 

It was a really good trip and I’m feeling very inspired. What trends are you most looking forward to seeing for A/W 15? Drop me a comment below or tweet me @Nica_Handbags on Twitter. 

Love Nica
- x - 

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