Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Our Favourite Food Trends 2014

Last year frosted cupcakes, gourmet burgers and popcorn emerged as the food superstars. The burgers were fully loaded, the popcorn was flavoured and the cupcakes were calorific. Now that we’re approaching the end of 2014, it’s healthy food that's making an impression, and we want to share a few of our favourites with you.


Kale used to be the dubious, unidentified veg that your Gran would try to sneak onto your plate during Sunday lunch. Oh, how things change!These days everyone who is anyone has a bag of the leafy greens stored in their fridge, and for good reason too. Per calorie, Kale contains more iron than beef, it’s packed with omega fatty acids which combat depression and blood fat, and let's not forget, when it's served with garlic and mushrooms it’s pretty darn tasty!

Easy Kale Recipes:

Cooking with kale is a breeze; we find the vegetable complements a meal of sweet potato mash and salmon with red peppercorns perfectly. Oven bake with a splash of oil for a healthy alternative to crisps or toss in a salad and eat raw to achieve maximum health benefits.

Sourdough Pizza Dough

The rise of the gluten free diet has led to more digestible carbs such as sourdough leading the bread army but recipes for sourdough bread aren't easy. This slowly fermented bread takes skills and perseverance to master because despite the 35 minute cooking time, sourdough needs around 5 days to develop compared with commercial loaves. The artisan bread contains lactic acids which slow down the rate that glucose is digested into the bloodstream meaning you’re less likely to get food intolerance.

As with all foods though, the proof is in the pudding. Luckily sourdough is an absolute treat, from divine, heart shaped pizza at the highly acclaimed Franco Manca to toast-your-own breakfast eatery Breads Etcetera, - sourdough is taking the London food circuit by storm. Are you a convert?

Coconut Water
Whether sipped directly from coconuts through a straw or purchased in carton form, the jury’s out, and coconut water is here to stay. An acquired taste, it can take a few tries to really get on board with coconut water, but once you do, you’ll struggle to find a more refreshing beverage.

Coconut water is great to drink with a hangover as it replaces essential electrolytes and repairs the stomach. In addition, the drink aids digestion, boosts hydration, moisturises the skin and contributes to weight loss. For the best results, chop the top off a coconut and drink direct. Alternatively, you’ll find the coconut water in most supermarkets. 

Many new varieties are blended with watermelon and pineapple juice for a tropical zing but we personally recommend trying the coconut Mojito on for size! Mix a glass of coconut water with mint leaves, the juice of a lime, a shot of rum and lots of ice. Go from parched to refreshed in a few delicious sips.

Are you hooked on any of the food we’ve mentioned? Perhaps there’s a food craze you’re into that we've forgot to mention. Do let us know. Leave a comment below or tweet us @Nica_Handbags.

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