Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Behind the Nica Bag: Find out what's inspiring the new Lulu collection

What’s summer without venturing outside and enjoying the great outdoors? It’s the perfect way to enjoy the glorious sunshine that we've been experiencing as of late, and you have to agree that things are at their most beautiful whilst they’re in full bloom during the summer months!

For a Designer, there aren't many other things that are more inspiring than nature itself, and spending summery afternoons at beautiful locations such as botanical gardens like Kew in London can generate a multitude of ideas for new designs. 

Broad walk bedding, Kew Gardens
Source: kewonflickr

Nica’s latest collection, Lulu, clearly has a botanically inspired aesthetic and is positively blooming with floral detail from its exterior leaf shaped charms and flower form hardware, to its unique floral print lining. 

Clear similarities can be drawn between the leaves of the Alocasia Macrorrhizos plant below and the leaf shaped charm upon the new Lulu shoulder bag.   

The Alocasia Macrorrhizos at Kew Gardens
Source: kewonflickr

The pretty shaped petals of flowers just like the Ixora Peter Rapsey inspire charming hardware or even print detail upon handbags and purses. 

The Ixora 'Peter Rapsey' in Palm House, Kew Gardens
Source: kewonflickr

Sometimes just looking at photographs of mixed fields filled with blossoming flowers in a palette of colours side by side can appear to look like a print, so, it comes as no surprise at just how easily they can influence new designs upon both accessories and garments.

Here’s one of our favourite shots of Kew Gardens in full bloom, which could easily influence a new print lining or finishing upon a handbag, wouldn’t you agree? 

Houseleeks in the Alpine House at Kew Gardens
Source: kewonflickr

Why not share your inspiring botanical themed photos with us on Instagram by tagging @nicasnotebook or alternatively tweet us at @Nica_handbags ? You never know who it might influence. 

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