Thursday, 15 August 2013

Discover Nica's Design Inspirations: Boho Chic Part One

Despite the fact that we see the same kinds of trends reoccurring throughout the decades, the resurfacing Bohemian trend never fails to captivate me. The term Bohemian fashion is now more frequently referred to as “boho” or “boho chic”, and it is largely influenced by the hippie movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Source: Favim 

The Bohemian fashion style originated as an American subculture in the late 1960s alongside anti-establishment and anti-fashion movements. It dominated mainstream fashion throughout most of the 1970s with its romantic accents like floral patterns and lace. These subcultures have influenced decades of fashion, art, music, and reflected the moods in different eras whilst transforming over time.

Source: 60s Fashion

Having said that, the history of Bohemian fashion can be traced right back throughout history, and has often been the exotic alternative to the mainstream fashions. Artistic Bohemian culture incorporates elements of Gypsy culture and diverse ethnic clothing styles, which are generally associated with artists, writers, and other intellectuals.

Jane Morris (William Morris’ wife), The Blue Dress - Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1865)

As aesthetics evolved during the late 19th century with movements such as Art Nouveau, a new kind of Bohemian lifestyle developed, which opposed the rigid social restrictions of the Victorian era. It embraced a style based upon the past, which combined elements from historical costumes and oriental designs that promoted a natural and free lifestyle. 

70s Bohemian Fashion
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In more recent years, fashion has been accentuated by elements of Bohemian style. Various Designers have interpreted it in their own ways and it's become more of a mainstream trend. It's spirit is still alive, though! As it still promotes creativity and individualism, and it's also a major design ethos for Nica Handbags!

Source, left: 60s Fashion 
Source, right: LittleGoonerBigWorld

I really do admire the Bohemian lifestyle, as it’s just so fun and expressive, and that's probably why it's become my latest design inspiration. I hope that you enjoy it too, and make like a true Bohemian girl by having fun with different and unconventional perspectives towards life! 


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