Friday, 30 August 2013

Five Minutes With: Leading Parenting Blogger @knittymummy

The Nica Team loves nothing more than dabbling in a spot of baking or craft related hobbies in our free time, so, we decided to catch up with the Founder of the leading blog KnittyMummy for some inspiration.

Her blog is full of crafty pass-times and recipes, and as it’s a parenting blog, it’s also perfect for all of you busy Mummies out there wanting to pick up some tips!

1) How did you begin your blogging career?
Blogging has been a great way for me to be creative in an adult world. As a stay at home Mum, I missed the interaction with other grown-ups and especially the challenges that I would get at work.

2) How do you create a successful blog?
I think because I blog about useful and fun things like craft and kids’ birthday parties, people come to my blog to get ideas of things they can do themselves. Certainly my most popular post by far is about how to have an Octonaut themed birthday party. I even provide a downloadable PDF so others can make Peso's medical bags as party bags for their guests!

3) Your blog has a great craft section, what’s been your favourite project?
I try so many different types of crafts. I think that my favourite sewing project would have to be my Frida Kahlo skirt, as I adore the fabric. My favourite from the others would have to be turning an ordinary peddle bin into R2D2 for my son!

4) What’s the best kind of crafty activity as to keep your children entertained?
With baking, anything simple that they can do with as little help as possible is best for keeping their attention. I find that with really young children, the best thing to do is pre-weigh everything into bowls (like they do on Blue Peter!) as they aren't that interested in weighing things. That way they can tip everything into the bowl and mix it without much help. Putting things to decorate cakes into a bowl also helps as it stops them putting an entire bag of jelly tots onto a single cake!

5) Your blog also shares your passion for baking, which has been your most difficult cake to create?
The hardest was certainly my rainbow cake. I was asked by my daughter's school to make a cake for the leader who was retiring, and it was only after agreeing that they told me that they wanted it to feed 50 people! It had over 1kg of icing on it alone - it was HUGE. When I arrived, the other mums were looking at it and wondering why the other staff were giving me such praise for making a huge plain white cake, but the staff knew the secret hidden within. When it was cut, the whole room gasped!

6) If you could only share one recipe with us, which would it be?
The most delicious thing I've made is my Bara brith made with Pu-erh tea. It’s so moist, and you can adapt the recipe as to use any blend of tea.

7) How does being a Mum affect your stylistic choices?
I need to think about being practical when choosing clothing, shoes and bags. I'm often sitting on the floor with the kids, so, I prefer tunic tops with jeans as my day wear, as it means that I can crawl around on the floor and not risk flashing a builders’ bum! When it comes to shoes I like wearing heels, but I do have to run around after the kids, so, no stilettos! – A wedge is best.

8) Do you have a favourite kind of print?
I bought my favourite top whilst I was heavily pregnant with my daughter. I couldn't try it on, so, I had to take the risk it would fit (thank goodness it does). I fell in love with it because it has a Pucci style of print.

9) As a Mum, what do you consider when purchasing a new handbag?
Size is really important, as I need room for all of the toy cars that my son insists on carrying around! I also like to have an across the body satchel type strap, as it won't fall off my shoulder whilst I've got a child holding onto each hand! Plus, it gives easier access to my phone and wallet than a backpack would.

For the full recipes or more crafty inspiration, check out KnittyMummy's blog or keep up with her updates on Facebook.

And remember, if you have a lovely recipe or craft idea, then, share it with us! Tweet us @Nica_Handbags.

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