Monday, 26 August 2013

Nica’s Inspiration: Bohemian Aesthetics (Part 2)

For many years throughout the 20th century, I don't feel like that there were actually any radical changes in Bohemian or Boho chic style, and during the 60s and 70s, the term bohemian style was more often used as to describe young people who wanted to detach themselves from the superficial materialistic culture of past generations.

Bohemian lifestyles have been embraced by major fashion houses and the media alike, which means that these days it's become more of a cultural norm. It's no longer prescribed for just one group, but rather for anybody who uses their style as to show off their originality and creativity.

Source: Plebsik

I particularly love the modern take on bohemian style, which injects an element of childhood nostalgia by incorporating cowboy and Indian or oriental features into the mix. It's lack of stylistic rules means that it can often be perceived as quite a messy look by many, - but not me! I love the creative addition of unique hand-crafted or eco-friendly numbers with their large abstract prints. 

Clothing aside, I also adore the modern Bohemian style, which makes a full-on statement with eclectic deco props or jewellery reflecting ethnic-inspired naturalism.

Source: StyleLikeU

Source: Lockerz

It's all about mixing without matching! So, clashing prints and contrasting tones but in faded hues from different eras, and I love this look! It epitomises the free-spirited, nomadic, and effortlessness of Bohemian style!

You can pull together your own Boho chic outfit piece by piece, for instance, pair a floral patterned flaired skirt with a soft organic linen shirt, and accessorize with layered bracelets and necklaces. It doesn't matter how many mad swirls of colour you inject into the mix, as it all adds to the drama of the outfit!

Source: AmandaSanft

 I hope that you enjoy creating your own Bohemian styles with our Nica A/W 13 collection! 

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