Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Discover What Happened When Nica Went Behind the Scenes on Joss Stone's New Video

We were thrilled to discover that international Singer/Songwriter Joss Stone is a massive fan of our handbags, and all the more so when we found out that our beautiful Alicia satchel was set for a starring role in her much anticipated new music video for ‘The Love We Had’.

We were invited down for an exclusive behind the scenes glimpse of how the video was made, and even managed to catch up with Joss before the filming began, who flattered us by saying  "I love the Nica bags, they're wonderful - I wear them  for everyday use."

Joss has a much coveted Boho infused style that some of our handbags fit alongside perfectly, so, it’s no wonder that she loves to wear our designs so much. We were even more excited when she told us; "My Mum's got one, my best friend's got one, and we just love them!".


Her amazing new song and video depict the story of a breakup, and it's definitely a number that you can't get out of your head after hearing it! Plus, you can spot Nica's Alicia satchel several times throughout! Why not watch our special  behind the scenes video of the filming of 'The Love We Had', and see how many times you can find it for yourself? Plus, that comes with the added bonus of an exclusive interview about the song with Joss Stone!

Here's one of our favourite snaps from her new video... Okay, maybe we were a bit biased because we spotted our Alicia satchel in bone hanging in the background! 

And of course, we couldn't end our exciting behind the scenes news without catching up with brand Founder Nica Kim as to see what she thought about her coolest new fan, who told us; "Joss' individuality, passion for creativity and unique sense of style make her the perfect example of a Nica girl, so, I am thrilled that Joss has chosen to feature the Alicia satchel in her long-awaited comeback video."

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