Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Discover Some of our Favourite Fashion Bloggers

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty fond of the thriving blogosphere, and when we’re not featuring the latest and greatest fashion bloggers in our own little corner of the World Wide Web, you can find us on the hunt for cute outfit inspiration via Instagram. What can we say? We’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for the blogger craze!

If you too have given way to blogger fever, then, this post will be right up your street. Read on to discover some of our favourite fashion bloggers of 2014.

*Dunya pictured with the Nica Sara Satchel in Black.

Instagram Username: Dearestdeer_
Twitter Handle: Dearestdeer_

Helming the cute fashion category is Dunya, otherwise known as Dearest Deer. Queen of white shirts, kitsch animal accessories and high heels, Dunya combines feminine silhouettes with modern apparel creating a refreshingly cool take on this season’s best-loved trends.
Catch Dunya championing all things girly on her blog, Instagram and Twitter accounts respectively.

*Smock to Frock with the Nica Judy Shoulder bag in Mink
Instagram Username: Smocktofrock
Twitter Handle: Smocktofrock

Meet Beki, a 20 something fashion blogger with a penchant for bargain buys and independent fashion brands. When she’s not testing out the latest beauty products on her blog, she’s tweeting up a storm or showing off her latest purchases on Instagram.
We were delighted when Beki agreed to feature the Nica Judy compartment bag in a recent outfit post, and love the combination of girly florals and Mary Jane shoes juxtaposed with a tough leather skirt and cartazi hat. Follow Beki for chic hair style tutorials, outfit inspiration and money saving tips galore.

*Rebecca from Its Cohen showing off the Nica Cara Backpack in Fawn Print
Instagram Username: Rebeccacohen_
Twitter Handle: Rebeccacohen

Rebecca Cohen has that natural, girl next door innocence about her which makes us long for adventures in the sun and curly hair. Obsessed with playful prints, tan shoes and travelling, we love following Rebecca’s blog updates all the way from Munich, Germany where she currently works as an intern for Stylight.
Just like Beki from Smock to Frock, Rebecca also has a passion for bargains, particularly the charity shop variety. Whether it’s a vintage leather belt snapped up for 10p from a charity shop or a scalloped blouse from a well-known brand, you’ll regularly find Rebecca sharing second hand pieces mixed with high street garments on her blog.

Who would you like to see styling our handbags on this blog? We’d love to hear who your favourite bloggers are- drop us a comment below or tweet us @Nica_Handbags.

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