Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Discover Nica's Design Inspirations: The Mandy Collection

As you know, I travel a lot, and it’s always interesting to delve into the history of different cultures by simply enjoying its architecture. All countries are a mixture of buildings that have been created at different points in time, reflecting its different changing styles, tastes and social statuses throughout the decades. 

A street in Cologne featuring buildings from different eras side by side.

For a Designer, this is really inspiring to see. A little earlier last year, I spent some time in Cologne, Germany which has some streets lined with houses from different eras yet standing side by side. It was really amazing to see, and I learnt that this was a result of severe bombing during the World War. Financial restraints led to the slow re-building over the years in which time building styles continuously changed!  

Ornate doors and windows

What may seem like the most unusual of things can trigger an idea that leads to a new design. Whilst creating the Mandy collection, I was inspired by all things old and ornate, and in particular, beautiful doors and window frames. I took this concept of intricate detailing as to develop its fun design. 

As it’s the beginning of a new year, I'm starting to plan which places I’d like to visit this year, why not inspire my travels by sharing some photos of your favourite places to holiday @Nica_Handbags on Twitter or @nicahandbags on Instagram? It may even inspire a visit and my next handbag design!

Love, Nica
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