Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Unconventional Style Icons: Karen O

Fiercely cool and never afraid to make a statement, Karen O is an unconventional style icon. Front woman of popular indie band the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Karen’s powerful stage presence and taste for zany outfits have won her cult status in both the music and fashion world.

Image Sources: Left, Right

Grunge get ups, flamboyant feathers, circus chic… From the YYY’s fledging days to the recent release of their 4th studio album Mosquito, over the years Karen has been papped in a range of jaw dropping outfits. Wallflower she is not!

Many music stars have an entourage of fashion designers, make-up artists and dressers working closely behind them, but Karen O’s stage style is predominantly her own. It wasn't until circa 2006 that Christian Joy (successful American costume designer) began collaborating with Karen to create one-off, outrageous stage outfits which would later define the front woman as one of the most influential music style icons of our time.

Daring to Demure, L-R: Image Source, Image Source

Karen’s outfits verge from daring to theatrical and are ultimately an expression of her racy on-stage persona. Off-stage Karen admits to being extremely modest and conservative however when she puts on a neon matching suit or feather headdress, she morphs into Karen O. "It's like Superman changing into his costume and suddenly he can fly.... It gives you something to inhabit and you're no longer on stage as yourself being vulnerable."

Image Sources from L – R: Kimono, Fringed Top, Tie Blouse, Bindi, Bag, Shorts

We’re all about free-spirited fashion here at Nica and love the playful nature of Karen’s style, that’s why we’ve put together our very own Karen O style look book.  Whether you want to go hell for leather with clashing prints galore or simply jazz up a plain outfit with an eye-catching kimono or statement bindi, the choice is yours!

Do you have a style icon? We’d love to know where you get your fashion inspiration from.  Drop us a comment below or tweet us your favourite’s @Nica_Handbags.

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