Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Discover Which Musicians We Had on Repeat in 2013

From Poppy newcomers Haim, to Indie growers Peace, the past twelve months have been an exciting time for music. Come with Nica as we document the songs and artists that we couldn’t get enough of during 2013!


Peace are strong contenders for best British band of 2013. The Birmingham quartet hauled their indifferent blend of infectious Indie to every music festival worth its salt last year. Donning 70’s sunshades and leather jackets wherever they go, this lot are rock and roll through and through. Bloodshake and 1998 (Delicious) are our favourite tracks.


We don’t know about you, but we can’t stop listening to Danielle Haim’s husky vocals on Forever. We’ve played the track so many times and yet, we still have no idea what the lyrics are. It doesn’t matter. HAIM are pop personified. HAIM make pop music cool. There's no denying that HAIM sound like the love child of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and En Vogue. 

All of these things combined make HAIM pretty much the best girl group ever and we’ve a feeling that their popularity is set to last and last. Move over Spice Girls, there’s a new crew in town!


Hailing from North London, lead singer of Daughter, Elena Tonra covers the highs and lows of love with a distinct melancholy reminiscent of The xx and Laura Marling. The lyrics are often haunting, but there’s beauty in the bleakness! If You Leave is probably our favourite of their records. 

Arcade Fire

From the infectious Reflektor to the gorgeously melancholic Afterlife, Arcade Fire have been on our radar for quite some time. 2013 saw the band abandon their usual rock’n’roll riffs in pursuit of a more dance orientated path. The result is a powerhouse of light and dark themes which are sharper, slicker and catchier than anything they’ve tried before. We’re hooked!

We’d love to know which records you played on-repeat last year! Tweet us your favourite’s @Nica_Handbags

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