Wednesday, 18 September 2013

British Cake Shops: Discover Where to Sample London’s Best Cakes

There’s something uncannily British about the tea and cake pastime, and at Nica HQ we love nothing more than a generous slab of red velvet cake or a nibble of Victoria sponge, - It seems like there are very few problems that cannot be solved by a generous pot of tea and a sugary treat!

And in our hunt for cakey goodness we've come across some amazing London based bakeries that we find ourselves returning to time and time again. So, if you love cake as much as we do, read on for where to sample London’s best cakes!

The Hummingbird Bakery

This amazing London based bakery is basically solely responsible for the British cupcake movement that has taken the UK by storm over the last five years! The company have taken American cake recipes and made them accessible to the British market through the publication of their hugely successful self-titled recipe book and five central London branches. The result is gorgeously crafted cakes that really do look way too pretty to eat.

Best for: The red velvet cake is oh-so-decadent and the gigantic rainbow cakes never fail to bring cheer to miserable Mondays. 

Ben’s Cookies

We know you’re thinking, “isn’t this supposed to be a cake post?” but we have good reason for including this one. When you bite into the gorgeously soft cakey consistency that makes up a Ben’s cookie, you’ll forget all the previous cookies you've ever chomped and proceed to buy half a dozen when you originally planned just the one (read: guilty). The smell alone is just heavenly, we challenge you to walk past their Oxford Street branch without making a pit stop.

Best for: The chocolate orange cookie combines large slabs of Belgian chocolate, pieces of orange and soft cookie dough - it’s better than Terry’s!

The Primrose Bakery

British cakes don’t come much tastier than The Primrose Bakery’s divine collection. Walking inside the sun-yellow Covent Garden branch, you’ll be presented with a huge glass counter behind which are the most irresistible looking cakes we've ever laid eyes on. Cocktail cupcakes, courgette and ginger loaf cakes, carrot layer cakes… They’re a force to be reckoned with!

Best for: We can’t resist the classic Victoria sponge!

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