Thursday, 19 September 2013

Inside Nica's Trip to Scotland

From the moment that I decided to pack my bag for a little weekend getaway to Scotland with all of its history and beautiful landscapes, I was as excited as a little kid! In particular, I was really looking forward to experiencing the highlands first hand. 

On the first day of my trip, I arrived in Oban, a fairytale-esque little town complete with a beautiful bay, which is part of the Sound of Kerrera. Actually, I am not much of a planner, as I like to enjoy some unexpected surprises and sights. And Oban was just the kind of place that I was looking for! Upon my first glimpse of this little town nestled beside the water with hilly mountains stretching off into the horizon, I said to the taxi driver “Wow! What a lovely view! I've picked out the perfect place to stay!” 

Unfortunately, as is often the case (or so I'm told), the weather deterred me from enjoying all of the wild nature of the highlands in its full glory. Autumn seemed to have already arrived there, and it was just so windy, cold, wet and fickle that it made me run for warmth and put on extra clothing. The Scottish nature in this gloomy weather did however look really serene and even otherworldly. It was almost as if its green-green surroundings healed my soul and revitalised me!

Scotland surprised and delighted me with its variety of amazing scenery and cultural attractions, including historical castles, enchanting lochs (complete with their own stories and legends!), fantastic wildlife, and also such friendly people! 

I was so taken with the highlands that I didn't have much time left for a city break in Edinburgh, which was a bit of a shame. This city was also spectacular! A truly unique place overflowing with history and culture, and guess what? I've already decided to go back! I hope that you enjoyed hearing about my little trip, and that I've encourage you to take a couple of days to explore some of the special places around this beautiful island too! :-)

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