Thursday, 26 September 2013

Discover Nica’s Design Inspiration: Impressionist Garden

by Nica Kim

Through my last few blog entries, you may have come to realise that Nica Handbags' designs are often inspired by nature, which helps them to exude timeless elegance and femininity. And it's the plants and blossoms throughout London's glorious parks that can influence my designs more than anything else.

Looking around a sunshine filled Golders Hill Park last week, and seeing lovely scenery with people having a picnic and tea on the lawn or a child picking flowers, I felt as if I was in the centre of an Impressionist painting! 

Claude Monet, The Artist's Garden in Argenteuil (A Corner of the Garden with Dahlias), 1873

Claude Monet, Poppies 1873

There are several painters who have been famously known as Impressionists like Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, and Paul Cezanne. I probably love Claude Monet’s garden series more than the others, which Monet depicted in Giverny, where he moved to in 1893 and lived out the rest of his days. 

Water lily at Golders Hill Garden

Claude Monet, Water Lilies, 1904

Claude Monet, Nymphéas bleus (Blue Water Lilies) 1919

I once heard that Monet grew water lilies in his own pond in his back garden, and these in hand with all the other plants surrounding his home became the artist's sole source of inspiration!

“Apart from painting and gardening, I am good for nothing. My greatest masterpiece is my garden."  -Claude Monet

Another Impressionist that inspires me is Frederick Frieseke, who was an american painter that mainly cultivated his artistic works in Paris. I am really intrigued by how he focused upon both the female figure in beautiful landscapes and also their fashion and lifestyle during the early 20th century. 

Frederick Carl Frieseke, The Yellow Room, ca. 1910

Frederick Frieseke, The Garden Parasol, c.1910

For me, whenever I see one of his paintings, its focal point is always upstaged by the vibrancy of the gardens with their swirling colours!

The artistic elegance of impressionism has always been one of the most important inspirations for the whimsical patterns used upon Nica handbags. I do hope that you are also inspired by these garden images and similarly love our Impressionist inspired Nica print handbags. Why not share your favourite ones with us on Twitter by tagging @Nica_Handbags or @nicahandbags on Instagram. 

Nica Kim

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