Friday, 6 September 2013

Discover the Inspiration behind Nica's Handbag Charms

I always try to create designs that are fun and playful, and that's right down to its intricate detailing. Which part of our designs do you like the most? Today, I was reminiscing about the first time that I ever created a Nica charm...

It's crazy to think that I've been designing special charms for my Nica handbags for almost six years now. Time really does fly by! Whether it be a handbag or charm, everything that I design is always heavily influenced by nature, and I often derive my inspiration from London's enchanting parks and gardens, which are filled with beautiful plants and flowers. 

I am also incredibly influenced by the botanically infused motifs upon vintage prints, and I just love their feminine, elegant, and timeless qualities. Intricate floral and butterfly detailing are amongst my favourites, and you can clearly see that these influence the creation of my charms. 

Charms are usually linked with bracelets, and long been associated with good luck, prosperity, hopes and dreams, passions, love, friendship, and health. I also recently heard that it was Queen Victoria's love for charm bracelets that made them so popular during the 19th Century!

Image Source: (left) Queen Victoria(right) Bracelet charm 

These days however, charms usually feature upon bags as to express your own individuality. Nica's charms also inject a more exuberant and flamboyant feel, and are the perfect way to express yourself. 

What has been your favourite Nica charm so far? I hope that you love the designs from my next collection just as much! Here's a sneak peak!

And remember, if you love the creative elements of my handbags, why not have a go at creating your own Nica print by entering into our contest. The winning print will be transformed into one of our satchels!! Head to for more information. 

Good Luck!!
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